Why Do Cats Like High Places

Why do cats like High Places. Probably you have noticed that your cat likes to perch on the refrigerator, on a high shelf, on the top of the sofa, or on the top of her favorite cat tree.

We all know that many unique feline behaviors are hard to explain, but it turns out that perching from high points is normal and instinctive behavior among domestic cats. 

Here we give some reasons why your cat love to climb on high places.

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why do cats like high places

Why Do Cats Like High Places

The Cat Feels Safe and out of Reach in High Places

If your cat lives in a house with small children, dogs, or other pets, she may feel secure in an elevated position.

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The Cat Has Better Visualization of Her Surroundings

From an elevated perch, the cat can observe the world around her with self-confidence.

Your cat is looking for a Spot to Hunt

For an indoor cat, a perch or cat tree near a window is the perfect place to keep an eye on potential prey outside the house.

Cats have an instinctive need to watch their prey from high points as it gives them a better view and offers protection from larger animals like coyotes, owls, or eagles.

For an outdoor cat, an elevated position, like a tree branch or a shed roof, gives her a safe place to hunt her prey.

 Cats like High Places to Avoid a Surprise Attack of another Cat

For an indoor cat, if the perch or tree cat is near a wall or window, it limits the possibility of another cat to sneak up and attack from behind.

In an outdoor yard, the cat may also choose an elevated spot that limits or eliminates the chance of a surprise rear attack.

A Way for a Cat to Show its Status among Other Cats

In a multi-cat environment, a higher-ranking cat may choose the highest location to display its position in the group. The cat with the best display is generally considered the dominant cat.

Cats like High Places to Exercise and Play

A perch allows your cat to climb, jump and play on it.

Your cat will also scratch the perch if you have a sisal-wrapped one.

A High Perch has a Familiar Scent for your Cat

Scent plays a huge role in the cat world. Although your cat likes to lie down for a nap on any corner  in the house, a piece of shared furniture will have the  scents of other pets or family members while perches and cat trees will only smell like the cats themselves.

Cats are Heat-seekers

Cat beds located on the floor can be cold and drafty. Instead, cat perches are further away from the draft and closer to warm rising air.

Why do Cats Need Vertical Spaces?

In addition to their instinct to climb, domestic cats enjoy playing on heights. That gives them mental and physical stimulation.

 To maintain peace and balance in your multi-cat house, you must manage the cat hierarchies by vertical placement and height.

Select the Ideal Perches For Your Cat

Fortunately, there are many easy and inexpensive ways to provide vertical space for your cat:

  • Maximize vertical space if you live in a small apartment. Install shelves around the perimeter of a room or allow your cat to lounge on your furniture or refrigerator.
  • Buy or make your cat tree. There are so many types and styles available on the market that you will surely be able to find the tree that best suits your cat and the size of your home.
  • If your cat has a favorite window, add a window perch.
  • Keep the windows closed and secured so your cat cannot escape.
  • If you choose to install shelves or a window hanger, secure them to the wall with proper anchors.

Apart from hunting a mouse or a bird, domestic cats are not frequent hunters, and other animals do not chase them. However, his penchant for staying in high places is an instinctive behavior. Therefore, your cat likes heights because:

  • Allows her to keep an eye on her surroundings
  • Provides her a private and quiet space in a busy home.
  • Confers her protection from children, dogs and other cats
  • It helps her avoid confrontation with other cats at home.
  • For many cats, the ability to snuggle up in a place that smells uniquely to them can provide additional comfort.
Image credit: Pixabay. Unsplash Pexels

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