What are The Best Hypoallergenic Dogs?

What Are The Best Hypoallergenic Dogs?

If you are considering adopting a dog but suffer from allergies, explore our list of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds for people with mild allergies.
While no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, you can find a dog breed more suitable for allergy sufferers.

If you want to know which puppy is perfect for you, take a look at these hypoallergenic dog breeds, which have a lower possibility of allergic reactions.

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The Best Hypoallergenic Dogs


Affenpinschers, or Affens, have a rough and easy-to-take-care coat, but they need daily brushing to remove old and dead hairs.

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Afghan hound

Despite its long, silky coat, the Afghan is a single-coat dog breed with a less likely to shed sensitive skin. This breed needs regular care.

best hypoallergenic dogs


The Basenji is a great choice as a hypoallergenic dog for people with allergies. Their short, soft coat doesn’t shed as much as other dogs.

best hypoallergenic dogs

Bedlington terrier

The Bedlington terrier is covered with shaggy, curly fur that barely sheds. They just need a little grooming because the tight, curly hair doesn’t tangle. Daily brushing is enough.

best hypoallergenic dogs

Bichon frize

The hair of the Bichon Frize grows continuously and does not fall out. This breed has a soft, curly coat, and the dead hairs with dandruff remain in place until you brush him. Regular grooming is essential to avoid knots.

best hypoallergenic dogs

Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tulear is a small dog, and its long coat requires daily grooming, but it rarely sheds.

best hypoallergenic dogs

Hairless Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is almost hairless, which means that this breed is best suited for people who are sensitive to allergic reactions.


The Havanese has a coat similar to the hypoallergenic Bichon Frize; this breed is an ideal choice for people with allergies. Havanese fur is fluffy and thick in appearance but with a soft wave that prevents hairs from falling everywhere.


The Maltese dog does not shed a lot. To keep her white, long, and silky hair, he only needs daily brushing to avoid matting.

best hypoallergenic dogs


 Poodle’s light curly coat clings to dead hair. This dog can be easily maintained with proper care and regular brushing.

best hypoallergenic dogs

Portuguese Water Dog

 The single-coat of the Portuguese water dog is ideal for people who suffer from mild allergies. If you want to avoid allergy symptoms, this dog should keep its coat brushed and well-groomed.


Any type of schnauzer, whether miniature, standard, or giant, shed, but not in large numbers. All three varieties also produce less dander.

To control mild allergy reactions, brush his hair daily and groom him approximately every two months.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu needs regular brushing and grooming to prevent matting and shedding.

best hypoallergenic dogs

Wire fox terrier

The Wire Fox Terrier has dense, wrinkled, and wavy hair and does not shed a lot. Regular grooming can easily remove the dead hair.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers do not have a shedding undercoat. Unlike other rough-coated terriers, Yorkies have silky coats that resemble human hair.

With constant care and grooming, this breed can be a great option for people with mild allergies.

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