Tips for finding a Pet Sitter when you go on Vacation

tips to find a pet sitter

When you can’t travel with your pets, finding a qualified  pet sitter makes your trip more enjoyable. Here, we will cover some tips for finding a pet sitter when you go on vacation.

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Finding a pet sitter is sometimes complicated. Many owners choose to ask a friend or neighbor to take care of their pets. But this is not the best situation. A friend or a neighbor may lack the necessary experience to take care of your pet. So what is the solution?

tips to find a pet sitter

Tips for Finding a Pet Sitter

Consider Hiring The Service of a Pet Sitter

A pet sitter offers you and your pet many benefits.

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For your pet

  • The dog or cat will be in an environment they are familiar with.
  • They will continue with the same diet and routine.
  • Pets will not have to remain in an unknown place with other animals (such as a kennel).

For you

  • Friends and neighbors will not be overwhelmed by having to take care of your pet.
  • You will have peace of mind  knowing that a professional is  taking care of your pets.
tips to find a pet sitter
tips to find a pet sitter

How to Find a Pet Sitter

Start by asking your friends or neighbors if they know a pet sitter, or call your veterinarian for recommendations.

Veterinary technicians are ideal because they have experience in veterinary medical care.

What to Look For In a Pet Sitter

  • First of all, check the references. It is important to learn all about the qualifications and services of potential pet sitters. 
  • Then, you have to consider what training the pet sitter has received. Ask if he or she  is associated with a veterinarian who can provide emergency services, and what kind of other services he or she will give, such as grooming at home, walking dogs, dog training, and playing time.
  • It is important to know what are the specific times when he or she  agrees to be with your pet?
  • Finally, ask the phone numbers of other customers to check the references.

Tips To Ease The Work Of The Pet Sitter

  • Reserve the pet sitter early, especially during the holidays.
  • Make sure your pet is familiar with the pet sitter.
  • Identify your pet with a plaque. Put your name, the pet’s name and your phone number.
  • Update all your pet’s vaccinations.
  • Write detailed instructions.
  • Be sure to include a meal and exercise schedule, a list of medications, including amounts, and when they should be given.
  • You must have enough food, cat litter, treats and, medications your pets need.
  • Buy additional supplies for pets in case you stay longer than expected.
  • Leave a key with a reliable neighbor as a backup.
  • Also, leave the caregiver’s phone numbers to your neighbor.
  • Include your pet’s veterinarian’s phone number.
  • Remember to give the veterinarian the name of your pet sitter to keep it in his file.
  • Finally, bring with you your pet sitter’s phone number.


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