Tips for Adopting a Rescue Cat

tips for adopting a recue cat

Before adopting a rescue cat, there are a few tips you should follow to bring home the perfect one for you.

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tips for adopting a recue cat

1. Consider the time you will spend with your cat.

Choose a cat that can get used to your work schedule. If you spend many hours at work, you will want to choose a breed that does suit this circumstance.

There are some breeds, such as Siamese cats, which prefer the company of humans and do not like to stay alone for many hours.

2. Think about your home environment before adopting a rescue cat. 

If you have children or pets at home, make sure you adopt a cat that suits this situation well. Young children may not know how to properly handle a young kitten.

If you live alone, and you do not have pets or children at home, you will have more options available when choosing the cat.

3. Find a cat that feels comfortable with you

Some rescued cats may have had bad experiences in their life and may feel intimidated around people. That’s why you have to choose the one that feels more comfortable with you.

It also depends on what you are looking for. If you want a lap cat with a constant need to be close to you, then try to find a cat that likes to snuggle and enjoy spending time in your arms.

4. Spend time with your chosen cat

Once you have chosen the cat that you like the most, make sure you spend time with it when you visit the shelter.

5. Observe the cat’s reaction to petting and handling before adopting a rescue cat.

 Observe how they react to soft caresses, if the cat tries to bite you and hit you with its paws, this is not the right choice for you or your children.

6.Visit the shelter with your family before adopting a rescue cat

If you have children, visit the shelter with them to see how the cat reacts as well.

7. Ask all questions about the potential cat to shelter staff

Feel free to ask the workers anything and everything about the cat so you can learn as much about your future cat as possible.

8. Be sure to read the cat’s biography

Take into account details such as: the cat’s temperament towards other animals, shyness, how they adapt to new environments, etc.

9. Check all cat health reports

List of possible allergies, previous surgeries or anything else in the cat health history that the facility may know.


To sum up, before you run to the shelter for adopting a new cat on impulse,  you should consider these 9  tips to be sure you adopt the perfect one for you. 

Be patient, because the right cat for you is out there.

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