Spanish Dog Names for your Dog

spanish dog names for your dog

Spanish dog names for your white dog is a  fun and a good idea for your new furry friend.  

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spanish dog names for your dog

Have you ever thought about adopting a white dog? Or you already adopted an adult or senior dog whose name is unknown? Therefore you need to choose a suitable name for your new companion that corresponds to his physical characteristics and personality. 

Take a look at the following list of Spanish names for white dogs.

Tips for choosing a name for your white dog

Choosing the name of your dog is a sometime a complicated task. For this reason, we offer you some tips that can help you choose the most suitable name for your new pet.

  • Choose short names. 
  • Dogs recognize names that include a, e, o vowel sounds.
  • Try to make it original. A unique and characteristic name for your pet will make it stand out among all dogs.
  • Avoid names of friends or acquaintances. 
  • Pick up  a name that  is easy to pronounce. If it is easy for you to pronounce the name, you will not have problems for your dog to recognize it.
spanish dog names for your dog

Female Spanish Dog names for White Dogs

Have you adopted a white female dog? In that case, here you can find some Spanish names related to the color of his coat.

  • Alba- Sunrise
  • Arepa-Corn bread
  • Ártica-Arctic
  • Blanquita-Girl name
  • Cala-Flower name
  • Clara-Girl name
  • Cotufa-Pop corn
  • Cristal-Crystal
  • Dalia- Flower name
  • Jazmín-Flower name
  • Luna-Moon
  • Luz-Light
  • Margarita-Daisy
  • Nata-Cream
  • Nevada-Snowfall
  • Nieve-Snow
  • Nube-Cloud
  • Paloma-Dove
  • Perla-Pearl
  • Perlita-Little Pearl
spanish dog names for your dog

Male Spanish Dog Names for White Dogs

If you have adopted a white male dog and are looking for the best name for him, you should know that you have endless possibilities. Here you can find some Spanish names related to the color of his coat.

  • Avena-Oat
  • Alaskin-Little Alaska
  • Algodón-Cotton
  • Arena-Sand
  • Ártico-Arctic
  • Blanco-White
  • Blanquito-Little white
  • Bolita-Small ball
  • Coco-Coconut
  • Copito-Little Flake
  • Copo-Flake
  • Hielo-Ice
  • Huesito-Small Bone
  • Narciso-Name of a flower
  • Nevado-Snowy
  • Osito-Teddy Bear
  • Panda-Panda
  • Polar-Polar
  • Polo-Snow cone
  • Yogur-Yogurt

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