New Kitten Check List – Essential Supplies

kitten check list essential supplies

If you are planning bringing a kitten into your life, you have to prepare your home to your new furry friend. here is a check list with essential cat supplies you need to have to welcome your bundle of joy into your home.

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kitten check list essential supplies

The experience of a new kitten is incredible and exciting, but you need to prepare your home with toys, treats, and essential supplies to ensure your new furry friend a comfortable and content life.
To help you with this new adventure, here is a checklist of essential cat supplies you need to have to welcome your bundle of joy into your home.


If you are not sure, check the cat supplies items you have to buy before your cat arrives.

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New Kitten Check List – Essential Supplies

Pet carrier 

  • A pet carrier is the first thing you must buy when you bring home a new pet.  
  • A cat carrier will keep your cat safe and provide a sense of security.
  • The cat carrier will help transport your cat to veterinary appointments and in case of emergency. 

Food and Water Bowls

  • First, select small bowls to make it easy for your cat to eat and drink. 
  • Then, it is better to opt for easy-to-clean stainless steel bowls because some cats are allergic to plastic.  
  • Motivate your cat to drink water with a fountain instead of a water bowl.
  • Keep the food and water dishes separate. Cats do not like to drink water near their food bowl.  

Cat litter and litter box

Other items to include in your new kitten checklist are cat litter and a litter box. The litter box has to be roomy to prevent scattering litter around the house.

Cat Food

Buy cat food according to your kitten’s life stage. Talk to your veterinarian about the best diet for your new family member. The first six months are fundamental to developing bones, muscles, and nervous systems.

Cat Bed

  • At first, try a simple bed and begin with a cardboard box. 
  • Line the box with an old cushion, and cover it with a soft washable material. Cats are picky pets, so make sure the bedding is always clean. 

Cat Toys 

  • Cats are curious pets, and playing with toys helps them to practice their natural hunting behavior. 
  • Choose toys made especially for cats. Look for interactive cat toys with feathers and catnip. 
  • Scratching is a normal cat behavior; buy a scratching post.

Cat Treats

Cat treats are useful to reward your kitten, for good behavior, distract her at the vet or when trimming her nails. But remember, treats can be lead to weight gain, so buy low-calories options. 

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