Low Maintenance Cat Breeds

All cats need some form of grooming; however, some felines are low-maintenance cat breeds. Cat breeds that rarely require grooming include shorthaired and hairless cats. Check out these low-maintenance cat breeds in this post.

Low Maintenance Cat Breeds

Bombay Cat

low maintenance cat breeds

Bombay Cat shed very little. She needs weekly brushing to remove loose hair and to keep her coat shine, and healthy.

British Shorthair

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low maintenance cat breeds

The British Shorthair is gentle and relaxed; it’s the perfect family pet. He appreciates his family but is an independent cat.

This breed needs weekly brushing to keep her coat healthy and to spread skin oils.

Burmese Cat

low maintenance cat breeds

The Burmese cat is energetic, curious, and playful.

The Burmese is a low-shedding cat and needs weekly brushing to keep her coat healthy and shiny.


Korat Cat

low maintenance cat breeds

The Korat cat’s coat is short, glossy, fine, and easy to take care for. 

Maine Coon

The affectionate and charming Maine Coon is a cat well-adapted to diverse types of life.

Though he likes being around his family, he can stay home alone for long periods without becoming melancholic.

Maine Coon is not a lap cat, but he likes to be around his owners.

Although Maine Coon has a long coat, she requires minimal grooming.
Combing or brushing once a week is enough to keep her hair shiny and healthy.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue is a loving and peaceful cat. He likes the company of his owners, but he can spend time alone and entertain himself when you are at work.

Russian Blue needs one or two brushes per week to keep her beautiful thick coats healthy.

Russian Blue enjoys her brushing because they like the attention.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Folds are good-natured cats that adjust well with other pets.

They tend to become attached to their owners due to their quiet and affectionate nature.

This breed is very talkative but not as loud as other cat breeds. These felines like to be outdoors and enjoy playing outdoor games.

They are affectionate and good companions. Scottish Folds are stubborn cats.

His shorthaired variety needs little grooming. The Scottish Fold needs just a comb once or twice a week.


 Siamese is a social and very affectionate cat. Siamese plays well with other cats, dogs, and children.

This breed has a short and soft coat. To keep her hair healthy, she needs a weekly combing.

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