Keep your Dog Warm in Winter: 5 Easy Ways

tips to keep your dog warm in winter

How to keep your dog warm during the winter?

Just as we protect ourselves from the cold, dogs need to be warm and comfortable during winter, especially animals with short fur.

Find here some tips to keep your dog comfortable during winter.

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tips to keep your dog warm in winter

Give your dog a  warm and comfortable place to sleep

If your dog sleeps inside the house, place his beds away from the cold, with a mattress isolated from the humidity of the floor and with a warm blanket.

If you do not allow your dog inside the house, you must give him a place protected from low temperatures.

Make sure you choose a pet house with insulated materials to keep your dog protected from the cold or rain.

tips to keep your dog warm in winter

Dress your dog with  Warm and waterproof clothes for his walks

During winter sudden changes in temperature can contribute to both humans and dogs becoming sick. When you go for a walk with your dog, you have to wrap your pet in comfortable clothes.

If rain is added to the cold weather, also put on a raincoat.

There is also the option to put some shoes. But, some specialists only recommend them for animals that have very sensitive pads.

tips to keep your dog warm in winter

Limit your dog Time Outdoors

When the cold, rain or snow become excessive, it is best to reduce the walks. Although exercise is necessary for dogs, you can supply outdoor activities with more extensive sessions of play inside the house.

Do not cut your dog’s  hair during winter

Do not cut your pet’s hair just when winter starts. The hair is one of the natural tools that the animal has to protect itself from the cold. Keep your dog fur in good condition with brushing sessions.

If you must bathe him, do it inside the house, with the water at a good temperature and in a very warm space.

Make sure you dry your dog thoroughly.

Make sure the vaccination schedule is up to date

Make sure your dog always complies with his vaccination schedule. And to cope better with low- temperature times.

Immunize your furry friend against kennel cough or tracheobronchitis.

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