How to Measure your Dog for Clothes

Measure your dog for clothes, is simple and it takes just a few minutes. All you have to do is measure your dog with a soft tape measure and a pen and a paper to write down the numbers.

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how to measure your dog for clothes

Sewing dog clothes is a good idea, but you can’t start your sewing project without getting the accurate measurements of your pooch.

Find here a guide and some tips for measuring your dog.

How to Measure your Dog for Clothes

Tips to Measure your Dog

  • To ensure the correct fit, have your dog stand up.
  • Remove the dog collar, and brush his hair.
  • To keep the pet calm while measuring, offer him a treat or some peanut butter.
  • When you measure your dog’s neck for collars, scarves, bandanas, or bowties, It’s important for the collar, scarf, bandana, or bowtie, not to be too tight; otherwise, it could hurt the dog’s windpipe, or even cut off their airflow.

Basic measurements for dog’s garments

  • Back length

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  • Side length

  • Girth

  • Neck.
how to measure your dog for clothes

The back length

To measure the back length, take a soft tape measure, and measure from the base of his neck to where the tail starts. Write down the measurement.

how to measure your dog for clothes

The Girth

To measure the girth of your dog, measure the entire circumference of the chest.

Side Length

Put your tape measure on your dog’s back at the point on its neck where its collar rests.  Place the measuring tape straight across your dog’s back until you reach the end where its tail meets its body.

how to measure your dog for clothes

The Neck

To measure the dog’s neck, use a soft tape measure. Put the tape measure around the dog’s neck and place two fingers under the tape to be sure is it not too tight.

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