How to Litter Train new Kittens

How to litter train new kittens is probably one of your concerns when you adopt a new furry friend. If you star as soon as you bring your kitten home, she will make use of the litter box routinely almost immediately.

how to litter train new kittens

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How to Litter Train New Kittens 

Litter box training is quite simple. Kittens naturally like to relieve themselves in dirt or sand. Find the right box for your kitten to animate her to use it. But if your new kitten needs some guidance, the following steps will help you.

To star litter train new kittens, you will need a few supplies:

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  • First, use a low-side plastic tray, and when your cat has grown, change it to a larger and deeper one.
  • Place the tray in easy to get areas and provide privacy during toilet time. Your kitty might not feel comfortable if she feels too exposed.


Getting the right type of kitty litter, it’s a key when litter training new kittens.

You will find a variety of litter in the market, but it’s better to start with a standard unscented litter. As soon as your cat is an adult cat, you can switch for another type of litter. 

Types of Litter

  • Clumping litter
  •  Odor Control Cat Litter.
  • Dust Free. A de-dusting system is used to reduce dust, but since this is a natural product, some dust may still be present.
  • Sand or Clay. Made with micro-particles for a softer feel that your feline friend will love.
  • Silica Based
how to litter train new kittens


If you recently adopted a new kitten or you want to litter tray an old cat, follow these  simple steps.

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is showing your kitten the trays as soon as she arrives. Don’t move the trays to avoid confusing your new kitten or cat.
  • Recognize the signs when your kitten is ready to go. Your cat might start to sniff, scratch, and crouch on the floor. When you spot the signs, put your cat on the litter tray.
  • Put your cat on the tray immediately after eating, and as soon she wakes up.
  • Reward your kitten after she’s successfully used the tray.
  • Don’t punish your cat. Expect accidents to happen when litter training kittens and cats. If you are patient, it’ll soon happen.


  • Cleaning your cat’s litter box is necessary to eliminate bad odors from your home, and  provide a more enjoyable experience for your cat.
  • Scoop the box daily and replace litter as needed.
  • Clean the tray with soap and water, or water with white vinegar.
  • Use an enzyme cleaner. This type of cleaner eliminates bad odors and spots.

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