How to create a Cat-Friendly Garden?

How to create a Cat-friendly Garden? By making some simple and inexpensive changes in your backyard, you can create a cat-friendly environment where your cat would be happy and safe.

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Giving your cat an attractive outdoor space that also makes him feel safe and protected is not only beneficial to his health but can also prevent him from venturing far from home and being exposed to various dangers.

How to create a Cat-Friendly Garden?

how to create a cat-friendly garden

These simple tips will help you make your garden or outdoor space a cat-friendly territory. Take a look at our simple tips below.

Provide a safe place to shelter.

Provide a good hiding place where your cat will feel comfortable in the garden. The shelter should offer shade so that your cat does not overheat in the summer months and protect him when it rains.

To create a safe and comforting place for your cat, use shrubs or foliage, garden umbrellas, old wooden boxes, tables, or chairs.

Create a safe place to Climb

Cats like to climb up to feel more secure and to check their territory.

Give your feline friend a high place that he can easily access.

High places suitable for cats include shelves, ledges, tables, and benches. A perch could also be the perfect spot for sunbathing.

Create a Toilet space

Cats are generally clean animals. You can create a suitable and safe area in the garden to go to the bathroom, away from other resources, such as food and water.

Use a clear area in the garden, ideally use a site that provides a little privacy for the cat, and cover it with wood chips, sand, or loose soil. The toilet space must have some shelter so your cat will still use it even if it is raining.

Plant safe flowers and Plants

Keep plants and flowers that can harm your cat out of your garden. Lilies, for example, are toxic to cats. Provide a grassy area. Cats nibble on the grass to help them remove hairballs. Other good plants for your cat include:

  • Cat grass: This is a type of grass for cats to chew.
  • Catmint is another member of the mint family.
  • Catnip

  • Honeysuckle – Thought to have a similar effect on cats to catnip

  • Valerian – Depending on the amount of exposure, this plant has positive calming or stimulating effects in cats.
Cat-Friendly Flowers for your Home

Provide Fresh drinking water

Make sure your cat drinks enough water, especially if he is on a dry diet.

Some cats may like to drink water from moving faucets and fountains.

Providing multiple water sources in different spots can also help reduce conflict when more than one cat uses the space.

Avoid Chemical Products in your garden

Do not use garden chemical products; use organic alternatives suitable for cats since many chemicals are harmful to your feline friend. For example, slug granules are toxic to cats.

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