How to Choose the Right Toy for your Dog

tips on how to choose the right toy for your dog

Choosing the right toy for your dog can be a challenge, especially with so much variety in the market. From the soft and squeaky to the rubber and resistant toys, choosing the right one is essential for the overall health of your furry friend.

We cannot ask our pet which toy he likes the best, so we will need to make some observations to choose the right one. Each dog is unique; therefore, each pooch will need a different toy.

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What should you evaluate when choosing the right toy for your dog? Here are some tips that will help you choose the best toy for your dog.


First, you have to think about the age of your dog. A three-month-old puppy still has baby teeth, so he needs soft rubber toys.

Once your dog has his permanent teeth, he will have a strong enough jaw to chew on hard rubber toys and play fetch or tug of war.

When your dog reaches the age of seven, he will become an older dog, and his jaw and teeth may no longer have the same strength as before, but it’s still essential to give him softer toys to chew on and toys that motivate him to stay active.


When choosing a dog toy, think about the size and power of his jaw. Consider the resistance of the toy since it could break, and your dog can inhale the detached fragments.

Toy size is also significant. If a toy is too small, your dog could easily swallow it. As a general rule, think that a toy small enough to fit behind his molars is always a risk factor.

How To Choose The Right Toy For Your Dog 

There are six types of essential dog toys, and definitely, one of them will become your dog’s favorite.

  • Tug Toys
  • Chew Toys
  • Balls
  • Treat Toys
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Fetch Toys
tips on how to choose the right toy for your dog


All dogs like to play tug-of-war with their owners and with other dogs.

Some people may think this game can lead to aggressive behavior, but there is nothing to fear if you properly train your dog to play.

You need to replace the linen, leather, or cotton toys once they start to fray or break.

  • Rope toys are ultra-versatile toys, and they are perfect for dogs that love a pulling contest. Tug toys are also an effective way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. While your dog chews, fibers work as a type of dental floss to help prevent dental diseases.

Some tips when choosing tug toys:

  • You should not play aggressive tug of war with your dog, and you should never pull hard on the rope to get it out of his mouth. If you want him to stop biting, you will have to train him to do so by responding to commands such as drop or release.
  • Never lift your dog off the ground while he is biting the rope because you could cause problems with his jaw, neck, and spine. 
  • Replace damaged toys to avoid the risk of swallowing the material.


First of all, chew toys should be flexible and durable. To choose the best chew toy, keep in mind if your dog is an aggressive chewer or has soft chewing habits. It is better to supervise your furry friend while playing with a chew toy.

how to choose the right toy for your dog


Treat toys are the best toys to end the boredom of dogs. Fill them with treats and watch your dog work for the hidden reward.

Look for hard rubber toys such as Kong-type toys that you can fill with hard or soft treats like peanut butter. 


There are a variety of toy balls for dogs. You can choose rubber balls, plush balls, foam balls, and tennis balls.

However, a classic model can be a good choice for keeping your dog active. When you find the right ball for your dog, make sure it is durable and is not easy to break.

Balls are a great toy because dogs love to play fetch and help to strengthen the bond between the owner and the dog.

Find a ball that is not too big or too small for your dog’s jaw, and verify that the ball has durable material.


Stuffed toys offer more than just play; they can give company to your dog.

Many dogs enjoy snuggling with their stuffed toys taking them proudly around the house, and even sleeping with the toy.

 Stuffed toys with squeaks and other noises are the delight of dogs. These toys are ideal for light chewers.

how to choose the right fetch toy for your dog


A fetch toy is a great way to exercise your dog and is ideal for high-energy dogs that need a lot of exercise.

You can play fetch with your dog inside or outside the house at any moment.

Some dog breeds are more predisposed to love playing fetch as the Labrador or Golden Retriever. Other dogs prefer to catch Frisbees or chase floating toys.

Small dog breeds enjoy fetching as long as their fetch toys are the correct size and weight.


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