How Much Water Does a Cat Have to Drink?

how much water does a cat have to drink

How Much Water Does A Cat Have To Drink? Do you think your cat drinks enough water? Cats need to drink clean water every day to maintain their health. Water helps to eliminate toxins from their kidneys and keep them hydrated.

Dehydration in cats is dangerous and can cause health problems, even can lead to death.

How Much Water Does A Cat Have To Drink?

how much water does a cat have to drink

Do you think your cat drinks enough water? How much water do you think does your cat have to drink? Be careful, lack of hydration can cause health problems in cats.


Cats need to drink between 55 and 70 milliliters of water per kilogram of weight per day. Cats can obtain this amount of water from different sources.

  • The fresh and clean water that we offer them directly.
  • The water from the food the cat eats.
  • Metabolic water, which is what the body produces by oxidizing lipids and carbohydrates.


Cats drink little water, and they do not lose as much water as dogs do. Cats can withstand up to 8% dehydration.

A cat will drink more or less water depending on several factors, such as:


If the food we offer to our cat consists exclusively of a dry diet, the water requirement will increase significantly.

On the other hand, wet food provides enough fluids per day.

A 4 Kg cat needs 300 grams of wet food, although you have to give her a bowl of fresh water every day.


High temperatures can influence water intake in cats. However, cats do not need to drink too much water like dogs. Dogs easily dehydrate through panting or perspiration.


To encourage your cat to drink more water, here are some tips:

  • Have more than one water bowl at home, and keep fresh, clean water at hand.
  • Change the water at least once a day.
  • Use metallic or ceramic bowls.
  • Put the water away from the sandbox and food to prevent contamination since the cat will notice and will not want to drink.
  • Offer wet food once a day, never mixed with dry food.
  • Some cats like to drink directly from moving water. Try to get them an electronic water dispenser or allow them to drink directly from the sink.

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