Dog Names Inspired by TV Series

Dog names inspired by TV series are a good idea if you are a TV show lover. Here we leave you a long list of dog names inspired by fictional dogs that played famous roles in television serie.

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dogs names inspired by tv series

Dogs Names Inspired by TV Series starting with A

Allen– Was a Pug who portrayed Spence’s dog in the American television sitcom The King of Queens.

Arlo– Is Rosa Diaz’s dog in the American Police Procedure Comedy television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Arnold– Is an American Pitbull who starred in the American TV show Life Goes On.

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Asta– Was a Wire Fox Terrier who appeared in the Thin Man, a TV show based on the 1933 Mystery novel The Tin Man. Asta was the dog of a couple who solved murders while their dog was usually underfoot.


Dogs Names Inspired by TV Series starting with B

Backup– Veronica Mars’ dog in the American teen mystery TV show Veronica Mars.

Bandit– Was the Bulldog who appeared in the TV series Little House on the Prairie. Bandit was the family’s second dog in the book and the TV series.

Bear– Was a German Shepherd who appeared in the American fiction-science drama TV show Person of Interest. Bear was the former CIA agent John Reese’s dog.

Bijou– Was a Jack Russell terrier who portrayed Harry’s nasty dog in the American comedy-drama TV series Hooperman. The show centered on the professional and personal life of San Francisco police inspector Harry Hopperman.

Bismarck– Was Hyatt’s Dachshund dog in the American series Checkmate.

Blacktoe– A German Shepherd who played on the American science-fiction Star Trek: The next generation Black toe was Captain Riker’s dog.

Boomer– Was a mixed-breed       terrier on Here’s Boomer, an American adventure-drama television series. Boomer was a stray dog that traveled around helping people in trouble.

Boots– Was a mixed breed working in the American TV series Emergency!

Bouton– Was a mixed breed that appeared in Outlander as a small dog owned by Mother Hildegarde, who trained him to sniff out illness in the hospital, she worked.

Brandon– The Golden Retriever who portrayed Punky’s pet in Punky’s Brewster.                                       

Buck– Was the Briard or Berger de Brie dog on Married with Children. Buck was the family dog.

Bullet – Was a German Shepherd in the American Western TV series Roy Rogers.

Buster– Was a Beagle who worked in The Wonder Years, an American comedy-drama TV series. Buster was Kevin’s dog.

Dogs Names Inspired by TV Shows starting with C

Cannoli– Was a Sheepdog from the TV series Be Positive. Cannoli was Gina’s dog, a woman donating her kidney to save her long-lost friend’s life.        

Chamsky– Was Robert’s dog in the series Everybody Loves Raymond.

Cheddar-Captain Holt and his husband Kevin’s dog in the police sitcom   Brooklyn nine-nine.

Chester– Was CC Babcock’s Pomeranian dog in The Nanny.

Cinnamon– Raj’s Yorkshire terrier dog in The Big Bang Theory.

Cleo– Was a Basset Hound who worked in the sitcom The People’s Choice. Cleo was Sock Miller’s dog.

Coco– Was a mixed breed dog who worked in The Donna Reed Show. Coco was Donna’s pet, and the show was about humorous situations and problems of a middle-class family in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Comet– Was the Golden Retriever of the TV series Full House. Comet was the family dog.

TV Series Dog Names Starting with D-E-F

Digby– Was Olive’s dog in Pushing Daisies. This show was about a pie-maker with the ability to bring dead things back to life for one minute with his touch.

Djinn Djinn– Jeannie’s Havanese dog in I Dream of Jeannie.

Doc– Was a mixed breed in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy.

Dreyfuss– Was the family dog in Empty Nest, a show about a father living with his two self-supporting daughters.

Eddie– Was Marti’s dog in the TV series Frasier, a sitcom about a psychiatrist with a radio show who lives with his father.

Flash– Rosco’s loyal companion Basset Hound from The Dukes of Hazzard

Freeway– Was Hart’s Löwchen dog in the American TV series Hart to Hart. 

Dogs Names Inspired by TV Shows starting with H-I-J-K-M

Happy– The Family’s terrier mixed dog from 7th Heaven.

Ivanna– London Tipton’s Pomeranian Dog in the American sitcom The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody.

Jim– Was Margaret Bigg’s Brussel Griffon dog in Mike and Molly.

Krypto– Clark Kent’s Labrador retriever dog in Smallville

Maximillion– A German Shepherd in The Bionic Woman TV series.

Murray– A family Collie-Shepherd dog in Mad About You.

TV Dogs Names starting with P-Q-R-S

Porthos– Was Captain Jonathan Archer’s Beagle dog in Star Trek Enterprise.

Pouch– A mutt dog kept at the quarters of Engine Co. 51 in the American series Chicago Fire.

Queequeg– Was Scully’s Pomeranian dog in The X-Files.

Roly– was Sharon’s Poodle dog in the British series EastEnders.

Schatzi– Was a Dachshund dog in the That 70s Show teen sitcom. Red Forman gave Schatzi to his wife Kitty to help her through menopause.

Speedy– Was Drew’s dog in The Drew Carey Show.

Spunky– was Fonzie’s mixed breeder dog in the TV sitcom Happy Days

Stella– Is Jay Prichett’s dog in Modern Family sitcom television series.

TV Dogs Names starting with T-V-W-Y

Tramp– Was a Sheepdog in the TV series My Three sons

Vincent– A yellow Labrador retriever from the American drama television series Lost. Vincent was Walt’s dog.

Wishbone– Was the main character portrayed by Soccer and voiced by Larry Brantley in the children’s TV series Wishbone.

Yukon King– Was an Alaskan Husky in the American radio adventure series Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.

Tips for choosing a dog name

Pick a perfect dog name can be hard. Find here some tips that can help you choose the most suitable name for your new puppy or dog. 

  • Choose short names. 
  • Dogs recognize names that include a, e, o vowel sounds.
  • Try to make it original. A unique and characteristic name for your pet will make it stand out among all dogs.
  • Avoid names of friends or acquaintances. 
  • Check that it is easy to pronounce. If the name is easy for you to pronounce, your dog will not have problems recognizing it.

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