Dachshund: Breed Information and Characteristics

Dachshund is a friendly and loyal companion dog known for its short legs and distinct long body. This breed is also known as wiener dog and sausage dog.

dachshund breed information and characteristics


Size: Standard, and miniature
Standard height: 8-9 inches

Miniature height: 5-6 inches

Standard weight: 16-32 pounds

Miniature weight: 1 pound and under

Coat: Length Short/Long

Color: Red, black, chocolate, gray or fawn with tan

dachshund breed information and characteristics
dachshund breed information and characteristics


  • Group: Hounds
  • Lifespan: 12 to 16 years
  • Energy: Medium to energetic
  • Exercise requirements: 20 to 40 minutes/day
  • Tendency to bark: High
  • Shedding: Moderate


In German, the word Dachshund means dach or badger, and hund, or dog. The germans developed this breed in the middle age. They used the standard-size to scent badgers, and miniature size to hunt small prey such as rabbits.
In Europe, this breed is still a hunting dog, however in North America is usually a family pet.


The Dachshund is independent and a little stubborn. Even with its small size, this little dog is courageous and brave. As a family dog, it is devoted, funny, and a good watchdog.


This pooch can be difficult to train, and like other dogs, needs early socialization-exposure to people, children, and other dogs to ensure good behavior.


Dachshund is generally a healthy dog, but is at risk for back injuries, this can lead to slipped or ruptured discs, and it makes worse with obesity.
It is important to give your dog quality food and regular exercise to avoid obesity.


  • Dachshund is the 13th most popular of the 194 dog breeds recognized by AKC (American Kennel Club)
  • Dachshund is the national symbol of Germany
  • John F. Kennedy bought a wiener puppy while touring Europe in 1937 for his then-girlfriend Olivia. The puppy named Dunker; never left Germany after Kennedy started to get allergic reactions
  • Carol Lombard and Clark Gable had a wiener named Commissioner

Ideas for naming your Wiener Puppy :

dachshund breed information and characteristics
dachshund breed information and characteristics

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