Cute Flower Names For Cats

Cute flower names for cats are great if you want a unique moniker for your feline friend. Explore here beautiful Flower names for cats you will love.

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Cute Flower Names For Cats


Aloe– Aloe Vera is an herb with succulent leaves arranged in a rosette. 

Alpenrose– this upright evergreen shrub produces glossy, dark-green leaves and clusters of tubular rose pink to crimson flowers.

Amaranth– Amaranths flowers are branching, broad-leaved plants with egg-shaped or rhombic leaves with smooth or covered in tiny hairs.

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Amaryllis– this is a popular bulb around the Christmas holidays.

Azalea– Azalea  are funnel-shaped, and often fragrant flowers.

Begonia– the Begonia flower is one of the most popular long-blooming bulbs.

Belladonna– Jersey Lily or Naked Ladies, this Amaryllis is a bulbous perennial with large clusters of trumpet-shaped baby pink flowers.

Calla– sometimes referred to as the Arum Lily, it is a flowering plant native to South Africa.

Camellia– Camellias are evergreen shrubs or small trees.

Canna Lily– Canna Lilies are large tropical and subtropical herbaceous perennials. 

Candycane– this is one of the purest white flowers you can find in any garden, making it an elegant option for your elegant cat.

Carnation– or clover pink is a single flower, delicate with multiple petals, double blossom at the end of a long stem.

Clover– Clovers are generally short-lived herbs and feature alternate compound leaves, usually with three toothed leaflets. 


Daffodil– are flowering bulbs with mostly yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. 

Dahlia– they are the national flower of Mexico. They thrive in full sun.

Daisy– this is an excellent choice for a beautiful cat. 

Day Lily– Daylilies  blooms only last for one day, although some species are re-blooming. 

Dipladenia– this is an exotic flower native to Bolivia.

Fairy Duster– this is an evergreen woody shrub that produces stunningly explosive flowers that look like fireworks or feather dusters. 

Feverfew– these are short-lived perennials that profusely bloom small, white flowers in the summer.

Freesia– Freesia is an herbaceous perennial flower.

Fuchsia– Fuchsia is a genus of beautiful flowering shrubs or small trees.


Gerbera– or Transvaal Daisy,  is a popular flower across the world noted for its brightly colored petals.

Gilly Flower– or vintage stock, is a member of the Brassicaceae family, the same as cabbages.

Gladioli– or Sword Lilies, the flowers grow from round, symmetrical corms.

Gloxinia– Gloxinia plants are similar in appearance to African Violets. 

Golden Bell Weeping flower or  Forsythia, it is a large, deciduous shrub with abundant bright-yellow flowers that bloom in early to mid-spring.

Honeysuckle– sweetest Honeysuckle is a bushy or climbing annual with a delicious sweet aroma.

Honesty-this spectacular erect biennial produces soft and small lilac blooms that sit above the lush green foliage. 

Iris– is a flowering plant with showy flowers. 

Ixora–  or jungle geranium, is a species of flowering plant popular in South Florida gardens.

Jasmine– Is a tropical plant usually found in tropical Asia.

Lilac– or Cupids Shaving Brush,  is a tropical annual herb native to Asia.

Lily– other names include the Star of Bethlehem or the Lily of the Nile.


Marguerite– the marguerite plant is a short-lived shrubby perennial with yellow or white ray flowers and yellow disk flowers.

Marigold– or Big Marigold, this bushy annual has large double flowers. 

Mimosa– sunshine Mimosa or Powder Puff Flower, this striking bloom is a mat-forming perennial. 

Morning Glory– this exotic climbing annual has pretty purple to blue colored trumpet-shaped blooms. The flowers open in the morning to expose their white throats and close in the evening.

Pansy– Pansy blooms are single with five petals that are rounded in shape. Blooms can be single, clear color, such as yellow or blue.

Peony– or Common Peony, it is native to Southern Europe and was later introduced to North America.

Petunia– Petunia is an annual flowering plant of South American origin.

Primrose– the Primrose is a lovely flower with yellow, blue, white, pink, and purple shades.


Sugarbowl– Sugarbowl Clematis is a herbaceous perennial. The flowers are usually dark violet, and, sometimes pink or white.

Sweet Pea– this is a bushy deciduous shrub prized for its highly fragrant blooms. 

Sweet spire– or Virginia sweet spire- This is a rounded, upright shrub with bottlebrush spikes covered in star-shaped flowers. 

Treasure– these are showy perennial flowers that produce daisy-shaped blooms.

Tulip– Tulips are a symbol of spring.

Violet– these are the most popular plants for indoor gardens.

Wavyleaf– this is an erect growing short-lived perennial flower.

Winky– or Pinky Winky is a flowering shrub, featuring pink and white flowers. The full name is Hydrangea Paniculata Pinky Winky.

Wisteria– a beautiful violet flower name for your energetic cat.

Zinnia– Is an annual flowering plant in the family Asteraceae.



Anise– or Hummingbird.

Aster– an aster flower is a flowering woody plant in the family Asteraceae. Asters are related to daisies, marigolds, and chrysanthemums.

Bachelor– this is a pretty little bloom that looks like a daisy.

Ballon– excellent name for your chubby cat.

Bearberry– this is a slow-growing evergreen shrub that is extremely winter hardy.

Bee Balm– these flowers are one of the showiest summer perennials

Beeblossom– these beautiful flowers look a lot like butterflies.

Bigleaf– this bushy evergreen shrub produces clusters of tightly-packed brightly colored blooms.

Bluestar– these flowers produce early bloom and attractive summer foliage that changes to golden hues in fall. 

Bluet– or Quaker Ladies, is a perennial plant that boasts delicate and compact blooms.

Catmint– this flower blooms are worthy of any landscape and are much more profuse than other Catmints.

Cliffbush– a beautiful delicate shrub, it grows 3to 10 feet tall and has a distinctive columnar shape with long vertical dark stems.

Conebush– is a multi-stemmed evergreen shrub.

Duster– the Fairy duster flowers are a pale pink color and are an attraction to animals that live in the desert. 

Fivespot– Is a small annual flower that carries bowl- shaped white flowers. There are five petals, each marked with a purple spot, 

Flamingo– this bushy, evergreen succulent produces lovely clusters of flowers that sit above the thick, shiny leaves. 

Flannel– this flower is native to the bushland surrounding Sydney, Australia.

Filddleneck– or Scorpion Weed, it is native to the southwestern US and northwestern Mexico.

Floss– these flowers bloom from mid-summer through to the fall.

Floxglove– or Common Foxglove.

Frangipani– this exotic flower is highly fragrant with spiral-shaped, white, red, or pink with yellow centers flowers.


Garland– the Garland Flower is a trailing evergreen shrub with dense clusters of bright pink fragrant flowers. 

Gayfeather– or Button Snakeroot, has vertical fluffy flower spikes and grass-like foliage. 

Harlequin– these brightly colored and patterned showy blooms add lovely splashes of color to all gardens.

Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, Malvaceae.

Honeycup-this is a semi-evergreen shrub that grows upright with a spreading habit. The red stems arch elegantly, carrying waxy green to gray leaves that turn reddish-yellow in the fall. 

Kaffir– or Natal Lily, is an evergreen perennial flowers.

Kangaroo Paw–  this flowering perennial is native to Australia. It is evergreen and produces uniquely-shaped blooms that can be yellow, orange, red, pink, or green. 

Larkspur– are perennial flowers with showy spikes flowers.

Lavender– are small, branching and spreading shrubs with grey-green leaves and long flowering shoots. 

Lenten– this flower is native to the dry climates of Turkey and Greece, and  blooms during the Christian season of lent.

Licorice– this flowering herbaceous perennial is from the Fabaceae family. It is typically grown for its sweet and aromatic roots,where licorice flavor comes from. 

Liverleaf– this is a small evergreen plant that grows in woodlands. They produce delicate blue blooms.


Majorwort– is a species of flowering plant in the family Apiaceae, native to central and eastern Europe. 

Mallow– is an ornamental plant with five pink, lilac, purple or white petals. 

Mazus– or Mazus reptans, common name creeping mazus, is a low-growing perennial plant native to the Himalayas region of Asia.

Meadowsweet– also known as Queen of the Meadow, is a herbaceous perennial plant commonly found in damp meadows.

Moonflower– this wonderfully peculiar flower earns its name from how it blooms. The flowers open within minutes at dusk and close at the sight of the morning sun.

Oleander– this is a flowering shrub or small tree that yields ornamental blooms year-round, peaking in the summer. 

Paperbush-this is a bushy, deciduous shrub with scented flowers.

Pitcher– Pitcher plants are several different carnivorous plants.

Quince– they are native to Southeast Asia. These plants are related to the quince (Cydonia oblonga) and the Chinese quince.


Starry Eyes– this evergreen perennial grows up to two feet tall and wide. It is a clump-forming plant with dark green foliage. 

Speedwell– or Long-Leaved Speedwell, this species has abundant and elegant flowers.

Snowdrop– this is a popular flower found in many gardens. It is one of the earliest to bloom, and the foliage often peeks through blankets of snow in late winter.

Stonecrop– they are perennials that all produce broccoli-like clusters packed full of tiny flowers. 

Toadflax– this is a perennial plant with profuse yellow and white flowers.

Toothhead– this mat-forming perennial is native to South Africa, 

Trumpet Vine– this is a vigorous plant vine that produces showy flowers. The blooms appear in clusters at the end of branches.

Vipers– this is an annual or biennial plant that grows in an upright habit. It produces cylindrical spikes of bell-shaped flowers.

Wavyleaf– this is an erect growing short-lived perennial. It produces thick clusters of small, funnel-shaped flowers on winged stems.

Wolfs Bane– this flower produces spikes of showy blue ear-shaped flowers that bloom in mid to late summer.

Wishbone– this is a bushy annual that loves shady areas. It produces plenty of two-lipped trumpet-shaped flowers.

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