Benefits of Having Pets for Children

There are many benefits of having pets for children. A child who learns to care for an animal and to treat it with kindness and patience receives an invaluable lesson in respect for other living beings. Taking care of a pet can help children develop social skills.

benefits of having pets for children

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What to consider before adopting pets for children?

Before adopting a pet, we must consider the following aspects:
Type of pet.

Before adopting, consider which animal species the family has an affinity with. Once you are sure which animal you would like as a new family member, you must evaluate how adaptable it will be for your family.

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For example, not all breeds of dogs and cats get along with children. Some prefer to live only with adults or do not tolerate noisy environments.
Small dog breeds can generally be dominant and are inpatient or too fragile to live with children.

Parents must supervise pet care. This involves giving children responsibilities according to their age.

Age of children.

Children under 7 years do not have the maturity to control their impulses, strength, and motor skills. Therefore, parents must monitor to prevent kids from inadvertently harming the pet or causing a reaction of fear or aggression and being scratched or bitten.

Type of breed.

Some dog breeds, like West Highland Terriers, Boxers, Labradors, and Golden Retrievers, are friendly pets. Due to their breed predisposition, they enjoy the company of kids in the house. However, all pets must learn how to socialize since they are puppies. Review the characteristics of these and other breeds before adopting.


The benefits of having pets for children are many, such as developing positive feelings that contribute to self-esteem and confidence. 

Having a pet can help develop non-verbal communication, compassion, and empathy. 

Some advantages that pets can provide children are:

  • Children learn to express their emotions and feelings. 
  • Kids often talk to their pets, as they do with their stuffed animals. 
  • Pets are non-judgmental confidants who listen carefully.
  • Kids also learn about the cycle of life. 
  • Children can experience each stage of life.
  • They can see its development and growth, understand accidents and illnesses, sometimes see the birth of their puppies, and finally learn what mourning is.
  • Learn responsibility. Being a pet guardian entails a series of tasks that must be carried out rigorously to keep them healthy.
  • Young children learn how to connect with nature. Children learn to respect and value all living things and their environment.
  • Improve physical activity. Pets motivate us to play and do more physical activity by taking them out for walks daily.
  • Pets provide emotional support. Some children need physical contact. Petting a pet can be the comfort they need to get through that bad time.

Children learn to love, loyalty, and affection. The unconditional love of pets is unique; in it, you can find a friend for life.
Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, or ferret, taking care of an animal brings joy and love to any home


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