Abyssinian Cat

abyssinian cat breed information

The Abyssinian cat is a popular breed, highly intelligent, and curious. This medium-sized cat is attached to its people and likes to be with them all the time.

Find out more about the Abyssinian breed in this post. 

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Country of Origin:  Abyssinia (now Ethiopia)

Weight: 6 to 10 pounds

Size: Medium

Tendency to shed: Low

Grooming needs: Low

Color:  Ruddy, brown, red, blue, and fawn

Lifespan: 9-15 years

Attention Needs: High

abyssinian cat breed information

Breed Characteristics

  • Playful
  • Kid friendly
  • Intelligent
  • Pet friendly

About Abyssinian cat breed

The Abyssinian or Aby is a medium-sized cat with a playful personality that likes to jump and play all day. You must provide a variety of toys to keep your cat distracted. The Abyssinian loves attention and gets along with other pets, cats, dogs, parrots, and ferrets. 


Even though Abyssinian is an active cat, she is easy to have in your home. She will play with her toys for hours but also loves to spend quality time with her people. 

Grooming Tips

  • Weekly grooming is enough to maintain your Aby’s coat.  
  • Abyssinian needs daily dental hygiene to prevent periodontal disease.
  • Trim the nails every couple of weeks.
  • Clean the corner of the eyes with a damp cloth
  • Clean the ears if they look dirty.
  • Keep the litter box of your cat clean. 
  • Brush your Abyssinian with pet chamois


Abyssinians are active cats, and they maintain their weight under control with exercise. You could keep some high perches and cat trees available for them to jump and climb. 


Feed you Abyssinian with high-protein cat food. 

Common Health problems

  • Periodontal disease (gingivitis)
  • Hyperesthesia syndrome
  • Patellar luxation (kneecap luxation) 
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Renal amyloidosis (a kidney disorder)
abyssinian cat breed information

Curious Facts about the Abyssinian Cat 

  • Some people call Aby Cats from the Blue Nile
  • Others believe the breed is a crossing between silver and brown tabbies with ticked coats
  • The Somali cat breed is a long-haired Abyssinian

Cat names for your Abyssinian

Find here some cute names for your new Abyssinian Kitty.

abyssinian cat breed information
abyssinian cat breed information

Ethiopian names for Girls

Amara, meaning immortal

Anika, it means sweetness of face

Eshe, The meaning of Eshe is life

Ife, the meaning of Ife is love

Jamaila, it means beautiful

Kia, the meaning of Kia is season’s beginning

Makda, meaning high tower

Marjani, the meaning of Marjani is coral

Mazaa, the meaning of Mazaa is aroma

Subira, means patience.

Ethiopian names for Boys

Amadi, the meaning of Amadi is tree man

Ebo, means my people

Genet, means Eden.

Gyasi, means wonderful baby

 Hakim, the meaning of Akim is judicious.

Negasi, the meaning of Negasi is he will wear a crown


Salana, means sunshine

Salim, meaning peace

Taye, meaning he has seen


Abyssinian are social cats and like to have some company. You can have other pets or cats around when you are not at home for long periods. To protect your Aby from diseases spread by other cats or dogs attacks is better to keep her as an indoor cat.

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