9 Splendid Grey Cat Breeds

grey cat breeds

Grey cats are absolutely gorgeous. In case you want to adopt a grey cat or just want to admire the beauty of these felines, keep reading to find out about the top 9 splendid grey cat breeds that you probably fall in love with.

9 Splendid Grey Cat Breeds

Blue Persian

Blue Persians are sweet and loving cats.

This cat breed has a long a silky fur, and color varies from medium to light blue. This breed requires daily grooming with few minutes of combing to maintain his long hair tangle-free.

The Blue Persian cat needs regular baths to keep his coat in good condition. 

grey cat breeds

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is an easygoing and loving cat. This breed comes in a variety of colors. Grey is the most popular color in the United Kingdom. This beautiful cat needs a weekly brushing.

grey cat breeds


Chartreux come in only grey color. This breed is relatively active, they tend to bond to one owner, but feel comfortable by themselves. They need regular combing to remove dead hair from the coat.


Korat cat is one of the three cat breeds that come in only blue color.  This feline has a silver-blue coat, which becomes more vivid with age. 

Norwegian Cat

Norwegian cat is one of the largest domestic cat breed. These cats are affectionate and they cherish their owners. 

Though the brown tabby pattern is the most common color this breed also include grey color.

They require regular combing to keep their coat mat-free.

grey cat breeds

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue likes better to live in a peaceful house, and form strong bonds with their owners.

This mesmerizing feline is one of the most famous grey cat breeds.  They came only in grey with a thick coat. Russian Blue is quite, and affectionate.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Folds are good-natured cats that adjust well with other pets. They tend to become attached to their owners due to their quite and affectionate nature. This breed is very talkative, but not as loud as some other cat breeds. These felines like to be outdoors and enjoy playing outdoor games. They are affectionate and good companions. Scottish Folds are stubborn cats.

grey cat breeds


The Siberian is a domestic cat in Russia. This feline varies from medium to large size.

The Siberian personality is friendly and adventurous. They get along with other cats, and even dogs.

Siberian like their family, and are excellent companions pets. 

They have a long, tick coat that it does not tangle or mat easily. They require daily brushing during the shedding season.

grey cat breeds


The Sphynx cat, is a hairless breed of cats. Because of the lack of fur, the Sphynx lose more body heat than coated cats, and they are prone to finding warm places.

The Sphynx is extrovert, naughty, and a sociable cat. They are highly intelligent, spirited and cuddly.

Sphynx cat’s skin needs a careful attention. They need a weekly bath to remove oily secretion.

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