9 Holiday Movies for Dog Lovers

Holidays are just around the corner. Why not celebrate these festive days by snuggling up on the couch with your furry best friend and watching a movie together. Here is our pick of the top 9 Holiday movies for dog lovers.

holiday movies for dog lovers

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A Very Corgi Christmas

Lauren Bradley deserves a break this Christmas after a tough year as a working single mom. However, her dreams change when Ben asks her to help him take care of the precious and cuddly Christmas present he bought for his daughter.

A Puppy for Christmas

Accepting an invitation to spend the holidays with her co-worker, Liam, she feels surrounded by the Christmas cheer of a loving family. Sparks begin to fly between Noelle and Liam. But when Noelle’s estranged boyfriend shows up to propose and get her back, Noelle must decide which man she wants.

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A Dog Named Christmas

A Dog named Christmas is about a young man who has difficulty in learning. Todd has an affinity for animals and hears that the animal shelter is looking for families to foster a dog for Christmas. He is eager to sign up, but his father says no. Then, with his mom’s help, Todd’s persistence pays off. He chooses a friendly yellow lab and names him Christmas.

A Christmas Wedding Tail

The Labrador Rusty and The Poodle Cheri fall in love, at first sight, one day in the park. The love between the two dogs makes their owners, Susan and Jake, also fall in love. However, love for people is more complicated than for dogs. Susan is the mother of two young children, and Jake is a widower with two daughters.

Christmas with Tucker

While accepting the recent passing of his father, George McCray lives with his grandparents on their Kansas farm. George, misses his mother Jill who lives in Minnesota, and  is eager about their reunion at Christmas.

Meanwhile, he grew fond of Tucker, the smart; and friendly dog ​​that the McCrays take in when their troubled owner Frank Thorne lands in jail.

 George learns first-hand the importance of responsibility, faithfulness from friends, and the power of love. 

Walking the Dog

Two rival lawyers battle each other in court as their respective dogs fall madly in love, which causes their owners to have to meet again and again until the moment comes when they realize that not only do the pets love each other, they too.

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Project Puppies for Christmas

Two young girls attempt to bring joy to a cranky man so that Santa will see their good deed and bring them puppies for Christmas.

The Search for Santa Paws

In this Christmas adventure, a group of magical dogs and an elf team up to try to restore Santa’s memory.

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventures

A Santa Claus sleigh accident puts Christmas in jeopardy. Beethoven will do everything possible to solve the situation and get all the children to receive their gifts.


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