7 Tips for Happy and Healthy Indoor Cats

Cats can live indoors happily and healthy, especially if they live inside since they were kittens. But indoor cats need particular requirements their owners should provide to guarantee an active lifestyle and ensure a happy and healthy life. Read on to find out seven tips for a happy and healthy indoor cats.

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tips for happy and healthy indoor cat

Tips for Happy and Healthy Indoor Cats

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure HERE

1- Provide a screened porch so your cat meets the outdoors without danger. Consider building or buying a catio where your cat gets the taste of the outside without the risks. Be sure there are no toxic plants in the backyard. 

2- Get a scratching post to keep her from scratching the furniture.

tips for happy and healthy indoor cat

3- Stimulate Exercise. Indoors cat lives a tedious and boring life, so you have to keep her occupied with an adequate amount of exercise. Exercises help your furry friend to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To help your indoor cat to stay active, make sure to play with her regularly with games such as running and chasing. 

If you live in a peaceful neighborhood, consider training your cat to walk on a leash. This training takes time and patience, but it’s worth it. 

tips for happy and healthy indoor cat

4- Buy a cat tree or a kitty condo. Cat trees give a great opportunity to climb and create more space to play and rest. Place the kitty condo next to a window to give your cat a better outside view.

5- Plant a cat grass into indoor pots so your cat can eat. You can find cat grass at pet supply stores. 

6- Put a visible identification in your cat’s collar. If your cat is tempting to go outside, the collar and visible ID could help someone to get your pet back.

7- Finally, think about having your cat microchipped. Keep your contact information updated. If you lose your cat, file a report at your local animal shelter. 

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