7 Senior Cats Caring Tips

When your feline friend is aging, she needs special health attention. Find out here the seven senior cats caring tips to help your senior cat stay healthy, happy, and active.

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seven senior cats caring tips

7 Senior Cats Caring Tips

Use a unique Senior Cat’s Diet

  • Talk to your veterinarian about the correct diet for your senior cat, and when to start giving it.
  • Feed your cat with small amounts of food and distribute it in two to three portions a day. 

Give your cat more water.

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  • As cats grow older, they tend to suffer from kidney disease, so you have to offer plenty of water to keep them hydrated. 
  •  Place water stations around the house with bowls of water to encourage your cat to drink more. 

Pay attention to subtle signs of pain in your cat.

  • Many senior cats are experts to hide their pain, so it’s important to pay attention of subtle signs of pain.
  • Your veterinarian will help you to control your cat’s pain with medicine, supplements, and alternatives treatments. 

Keep your senior cat inside the house.

Indoor cats are healthier than outdoor cats. Make sure you keep your furry friend inside the house and not allow her to go outside without supervision. 

Take your cat to regular veterinary visits

Your veterinarian is the only person that can evaluate your cat’s health and wellbeing. Senior cats have unique caring needs to prevent health problems such as weight gain, skin problems, eye problems, joint and muscle conditions, and more. 

Don’t skip her regular veterinary visits. 

Take care of your cat’s grooming and hygiene needs.

  • Be sure to take care of your cat’s  dental cleaning,  and gum health.
  • Brush your cat teeth, and ask your vet how to increase dental care.
  • Older cats have special grooming needs, particularly long-haired cats. Brush your cat’s hair frequently for healthy skin.

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