7 Lazy Cat Breeds You Will Love

If you are looking for a cat that prefers to share quiet moments with you while you are at home, check out these 7 lazy cat breeds.

seven laziest cat breeds

Most cats like to nap throughout the day, but there are some breeds more prone to live a relaxed lifestyle and spend quiet moments with their owners. Some of these cat breeds have a peaceful nature and homey tendencies. Discover in this post which are these 7 laziest cat breeds.

7 Lazy Cat Breeds


seven laziest cat breeds

The Burmese cat is a people-oriented breed that loves to give and receive attention.

This cat breed likes to snuggle in bed, and even though they are vocal, they spend quiet moments talking with their owners with her softer and sweet voice.

They have a dog nature, forming strong bonds with their humans and playing games such as fetch and tag.

Burmese are not as independent as other breeds and are not suited to be left alone for extended periods.


The Korat cat has a quiet and sweet nature but is very intelligent, with a good memory.

The Korat can be devoted to their human companions, and they prefer a quiet home rather than a loud environment.

Maine Coon

seven laziest cat breeds

The Maine Coon is a gentle and friendly cat. This cat breed is loyal to its owners and likes to spend relaxing moments with dogs, other cats, and children.


The Persian is a quiet cat who likes sitting in her owners’ lap and enjoys calm and relaxing surroundings.

Although these felines enjoy playful activities, they also like to hang over a chair rather than climbing a bookcase. 


seven laziest cat breeds

The Ragdoll is an easy-going, friendly, and intelligent cat.

Ragdoll’s cat nature is calm, and her behavior affectionate.

The Ragdoll cats show their affection by following and greeting their people. They like sitting in their owners’ laps and snuggling in bed.

Russian Blue

seven laziest cat breeds

The Russian Blue is an affectionate, curious, and peaceful cat. She likes to be around her owners and even sit on their shoulders.

They are generally a quiet breed but, there are always exceptions.

Scottish Fold

These cats are affectionate and relaxed. They make excellent companions.

The Scottish fold loves human interaction, and they are utterly content to relax all day.

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