60 Cool Names for Siamese Cats

Selecting cool names for  Siamese cats can be fun, and the possibilities are endless. Just keep in mind that the first impression is crucial. So be sure to find a name that complements her look, fits, and personality.

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Every owner wants a name  for their Siamese cat  that suits her personality,  but this is not an easy decision to make. If you’re tied for ideas, Thai names are an excellent place to start. Keep reading to find out our list of cool names for Siamese cats and their meanings 

Find out from the list that we have below, which name would you keep for your new Siamese Cat.

60 cool Cat names for Siamese

60 Cool  Boy Names For Siamese Cats With Their Meanings

  • Aat – Someone who is daring
  • Ananda –Prosperous
  • Anuman – Small patience
  • Anurak – Angel
  • Atid – The sun
  • A–Wet – Weapon
  • Boon–Mee – Lucky
  • Boon–nam – Good fortune
  • Chai – A lively person
  • Chakan – An able bodied person
  • Chaiya – Victory
  • Charlem – Celebrated
  • Daw – Bright and beautiful
  • Fern – Shade plant
  • Gan – The bold one
  • Kamnan – The head of the village 
  • Kiet – Honorable
  • Kla – A brave and bold man
  • Kittichat – Famous Clan
  • Lek – Small person
  • Mee Noi – Bear
  • Narong – Ready to war
  • Niram – Everlasting
  • Paitoon – Beautiful Thai gem
  • Pravat – Historic
  • Pichit – Town
  • Preed – Joyful
  • Sirichai – Glorious victory
  • Sud – Tiger
  • Tanawat –Knowledge
60 cool cat names for siamese cats

  Girl Names 

  • Buppha–Flower 
  • Bussaba–Flower 
  • Chailaia– Pretty
  • Chimlin– Cute
  • Chuenchia– Refreshing
  • Dao – Star
  • Gun – Grape
  • Kamlai– Bracelet
  • Kanya– Girl
  • Karawek– Bird
  • Kosum– Flower
  • Kulap– Rose
  • Kwang– Deer
  • Lamai– Soft
  • Lawan– Beautiful
  • Malee – Flower
  • Mali – Jasmin
  • Penchan – Full Moon
  • Pahilin – Sapphire
  • Pairoh – Sweet and pleasant sound
  • Phawta – Pleasing to the eye
  • Ratana – Crystal
  • Saengdao –Starlight
  • Samorn – Beautiful and beloved
  • Solada – Hearkens
  • Sanoh – Sweet
  • Som– Orange (the fruit)
  • Vanida– Girl
  • Waan – Sweet
  • Waen – Ring 



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