100 Extraordinary Exotic Cat Names with Meanings

Explore here 100 exotic cat names  we have for your furry friend.

Are you looking for an extraordinary and exotic name for your cat? Exotic cat names are perfect for your feline friend

Choosing exotic cat names means your cat will have a unique and fun name.

A popular cat name isn’t always enough for our kitty. When you choose exotic cat names, you can be sure that your cat will have a one-of-a-kind and entertaining moniker.

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Check out our list of 100 extraordinary exotic cat names for your feline pal.

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Exotic Cat Names with Meanings
  • Adelita

Adelita is a Spanish, Latin American name that means noble.

  • Adina

Adina is a Hebrew name meaning delicate. In addition, Adina, is an Italian diminutive of Ada.

  • Aelita

Aelita is a name created for literature and has no meaning.

  • Aiday

Aiday is a Kazakh name and means moon child.

  • Aisling

Aisling is an Irish name that means dream.

Aisling is the name of a particular form of vision poem that evolved in Ireland during the 17th century.

  • Altagracia

A Caribbean name, Altagracia, is a Spanish name and means high grace.

  • Anisa

The origin of Anisa is Arabic, and it means friend.

  • Bast

Bast is an Ancient Egyptian name meaning jar.

Bast was the name of a goddess of the sun, fertility, and cats.

  • Bébinn

Bébinn is a Gaelic name that means fair lady.

 English, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish anglicized the name Bébinn as Vivian.

  • Braulia

Braulia is a Spanish name that means bright or radiant.

  • Carina

Carina is a Late Latin name meaning dear or beloved.

  • Catira

Catira is a Caribbean name that means blonde.

  • Cordula

Cordula is a German name meaning heart.

  • Dorit

Dorit is a Danish name meaning gift from God.

Dorit is a shortened name form of Dorothea and is related to Dorothy, Dora, and Dolly.

  • Dubraska

Dubraska is a Spanish name, meaning oak grove.

  • Esilda

Esilda is a Brazilian-Portuguese name of unknown meaning.

  • Eydís

Eydís is an Old Norse name meaning island goddess.

  • Fitria

Fitria is an Indonesian name meaning pure or natural.

  • Fleuret

Fleurette is a Dutch name that means flower.

  • Freyde

Freyde is a Yiddish name that means joy.

Freyde is an exotic girl’s name specific to the Galicia region.

  • Ginevra

Ginevra is an Italian name that means white phantom.

  • Godiva

An Anglo Saxon name, Godiva, means gift from God.

According to legend, Lady Godiva rode naked on horseback through the streets of Coventry, England, to protest the taxes her husband was imposing on the town’s people.

  • Harolin

Harolin is a Spanish name that means army leader.

  • Hawise

Hawise is a Medieval English name meaning battle wide, or battle wood.

  • Ilona

Ilona is a Finnish name that means joy.

  • Ime

Ime is an Ibibio name (Niger-Congo Language) that means patience.

  • Isi

Isi is a Choctaw name meaning deer.  

The Choctaw are aboriginal peoples from Oklahoma.

Isi is also an abbreviation for several names including, Isabel and Isadora.

  • Jocosa

Jocosa is a Medieval English name that means merry or playful.

The name Jocosa evolved from the words jocular and jocose, which means full of banter and jokes.

  • Kaimana

Kaimana is a Hawaiian name meaning diamond.

  • Kateri

Kateri is a Mohawk name and an equivalent to Katherine.

  • Lalita

Lalita is an Indian name that means playful or charming.

In the Hindu religion, Lalita is an alternative name for the goddess Parvati and also the name of one of the playmates of Krishna.

  • Manu

Manu is a Hawaiian name meaning bird.

  • Marise

Marise is a French name that means love.

  • Medora

Medora is a name created for literature, and the meaning is unknown.

Lord Byron created the name Medora for a character in his 1814 poem, The Corsair.

  • Miren

Miren is a Basque name of unknown meaning.

  • Morwen

Morwen is a Cornish name that means maiden.

Morwen can also mean fair sea in Welsh.

  • Nandita

Nandita is an Indian name meaning joy.


Neve is a Gaelic name that means bright.

  • Nicte

Nicte is a Mayan name that means flower.

  • Odette

Odette is a French name that means wealthy or fortunate.

  • Pipaluk

Pipaluk is a Greenlandic name (the dialect of Inuktitut spoken in Greenland) that means nurse.

  • Roselani

Roselani is a Hawaiian name that means heavenly rose.

Roselani is the name of a Hawaiian ice cream company based in Maui.

  • Sabela

Sabela is a Galician name meaning my God is my oath.

Sabela began as a Galician term of endearment for girls named Isabel but became a name in its own.

  • Sigalit

Sigalit is a Hebrew name that means violet flower.

  • Signy

Signy is a Norwegian name and means new victory.

  • Solange

Solange is a French name meaning religious.

  • Soraya

Soraya is a Persian name that means the Pleiades.

  • Valdís

Valdís is an Icelandic name meaning the dead goddess.

  • Yente

Yente is a Yiddish name meaning noble or aristocratic.

Often incorrectly thought to be a Jewish term for matchmaker, Yente comes from the French word gentile, which means refined, aristocratic, or noble.

  • Zuri

Zuri is a Swahili name ( a language spoken by many people in East Africa) and means beautiful.


Exotic Cat Names with Meanings
  • Akio

Akio is a Japanese name that means bright man.

  • Altair

Altair means the bird in Arabic.

  • Alvis

Alvis is an Old Norse name that means all-wise.

  • Anders

Anders is a Scandinavian name meaning manly.

  • Asher

This Hebrew name means happy, blessed.

  • Atticus

 Atticus means from Attica.

  • Azaire

Azaire is an archaic French name meaning God has helped.

  • Barış

Barış is a Turkish name that means peace.

  • Belvedere

Belvedere is an Italian name and means beautiful view.

  • Booker

Booker is an English boy name that means the maker of books.

  • Calisto

 Calisto is a Spanish name that means the most beautiful.

  • Cathal

An Irish name means ruler of the battle.

  • Chi

Chi is an Igbo name (language of an ethnic group from Nigeria) and means God or spiritual being.

  • Cowell

Cowell is a Manx name (related to Isle of Man) meaning joint pledge.

  • Dante

Dante is an Italian name that means enduring.

  • Dilashed

An Urdu name (Indo-Aryan language). Dilashad means happy heart.

  • Efrain

Efrain is a Spanish name that means fruitful.

  • Evander

Evander means bow warrior or the good of man.

  • Fabian

Fabian is a Germanic name that means bean.

  • Florian

Florian is a Germanic name meaning flower.

  • Fujin

Fujin is a Japanese name that means wind spirit.

  • Gracian

Gracian is an Occitan name that means grace.

  • Harith

In Arabic, Harith means plowman or cultivator.

  • Idris

Idris is an Arabic name that may mean interpreter.

  • Innes

The anglicized form of the Irish name Aonghus, Innes means one strength.

  • Iokua

Iokua is a Hawaiian name meaning God is salvation.

  • Ives

Ives is an English name that means yew.

  • Jabari

Jabari is a Swahili word that means brave.


Jothi is a Tamil name ( a Dravidian language of Tamil Nadu state, India, and of northern and eastern Sri Lanka) meaning light.

  • Kai

Kai is a Chinese name that means triumphant music.

  • Kalei

Kalei is a Hawaiian name meaning either the flowers or the child.

  • Kofi

Kofi is a Ghanan name that means born on a Friday.

  • Kurō

Kurō is a Japanese name that means nine or son.

  • Maleko

Maleko is the Hawaiian form of Mark, which means male.

  • Malik

Malik is a Greenlandic name that means wave.

  • Murad

Murad means wish or desire in Arabic.

  • Ossian

Ossian is a name from literature, meaning little deer.

  • Osten

Osten is a Swedish name that means island of stone.

  • Rasmus

A Scandinavian name Rasmus means beloved.

  • Rasul

Rasul is an Arabic name that means prophet or messenger.

  • Roark

Roark is an English name of disputed meaning.

  • Suijin

The Japanese name Suijin means water spirit.

  • Tafari

Tafari is an Amharic name (a Semitic language that is an official language of Ethiopia). Tafari means the man who inspires awe.

  • Tāne

Tāne is a Maori name meaning man.

  • Taro

Taro is a Japanese name meaning big son.

  • Tau

Tau is a Southern African name that means lion.

  • Tómi

Tómi is an Old Norse nickname that means thunder.

  • Ulrik

Ulrik is a Scandinavian name that means prosperity and power.

  • Vancho

A Macedonian name, Vancho, means God is gracious.

  • Varam

Varam is an archaic name from Georgia, meaning victory over resistance.

  • Xaloc

Xaloc is a Modern Catalan name that means sirocco (a hot wind that blows  from the Sahara Desert to southern Europe.

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