100 + Beautiful Japanese Male and Female Names for Cats

Are you looking for a moniker for your new kitten? Here you can find 100 + Beautiful Japanese male and female names for cats that you will love.

Selecting a name for your new cat can be fun, and the possibilities are endless. So, why not choose a Japanese name?

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Tips for choosing a cat name

Before you choose the name for your furry friend, follow these simple tips

  • The name must easy to say
  • Avoid using too many nicknames because you will confuse your kitten.
  • Pick a name that sounds different from other pets and family members

100 + Beautiful Japanese Male and Female Names for Cats

Japanese male and female names for cats

Japanese Male Names for Cats

  • Ai means love or, affection.
  • Aiko means love, affection, and child.
  • Aimi means love, affection, and beauty.
  • Akio means bright. 
  • Akira means wisdom.
  • Aoki means blue tree.
  • Asa means morning.
  • Asahi means morning sunshine.
  • Asahi means sunlight.
  • Benjiro. This name means one who enjoys peace.
  • Botan. This Japanese name means peony.
  • Chikao in Japanese, this name means clever.
  • Chimon means gates of wisdom.
  • Daichi. This name means Earth.
  • Daiki means shining.
  • Daisuke. Means great help.
  • Fuji after the famous Japanese Mountain.
  • Giichi In Japanese Giichi means, justice.
  • Goku After the super Sayianin the manga series, Dragon Ball Z.
  • Goro The meaning of the name Goro us unlighted son
  • Habiki means echo.
  • Haru means spring.
  • Haruto meaning good fligth.
  • Hinata The meaning of this Japanese name is towards the sun.
  • Hiroshi from the Japanese word generous.
  • Hiroto this means big.
  • Hotaru this Japanese word means firefly.
  • Ichiro means first son.
  • Itachi means weasel.
  • Itsuki means tree.
  • Jiro means the second son.
  • Kaito- soaring.
  • Kenji this name means strong.
  • Kiyoshi meaning pure.
  • Kota means happiness.
  • Mako means sincerity.
  • Minato meaning harbor.
  • Oda In Japanese means small rice paddy.
  • Ren from the Japanese word lotus.
  • Reno means pure heart.
  • Reo means at the summit of the mountain.
  • Riku means land.
  • Sachie means good luck.
  • Sachiko meaning child of bliss or child of happiness.
  • Sana the name Sana means calm.
  • Sora means summer sky.
  • Touma- Iron.
  • Yamato- Harmony.
  • Yuma meaning calm truth.
Japanese male and female names for cats

Japanese Female Names for Cats

  • Ahmya in Japanese means black rain.
  • Fumiko means beautiful.
  • Katana after the wáter-bender strong female carácter in Avatar .
  • Midori means green.
  • Rika in Japanese means village.
  • Suki means loved one.
  • Yuriko in Japanese means lily child.
  • Nori means belief.
  • Hatsu means the beginning.
  • Chiaki meaning a thousand autumns.
  • Keiko means a happy child.
  • Keisuke-
  • Kumi- Long period of time.
  • Miu- beautiful feather.
  • Chiasa- one thousand mornings.
  • Bashira- joyful.
  • Ayaka- color.
  • Hayami- rare an unusual beauty.
  • Haru- springtime, sunlight, a clear water .
  • Dai- to shine.
  • Wakumi- beautiful spring water.
  • Himari- good hollyhock.
  • Hina- good vegetables, edible greens.
  • Yua- binding love and affection.
  • Sakura- cherry blossom.
  • Ichika- one thousand flowers.
  • Akari- red pear tree.
  • Sara- vivid blossom.
  • Yui-helpful fountain.
  • Izumi- spring fountain.
  • Japana- muttering prayers.
  • Megumi- blessing.
  • Moriko- forest.
  • Ruqa- beautiful.
  • Okimi- bright shining light.
  • Suzume- sparrow.
  • Tora- tiger.
  • Umi- beauty.
  • Yuki- happiness.
  • Seijun-pure.
  • Namie- blessing.
  • Momo- a hundred.
  • Kumiko- long-time beauty.
  • Nishi- west.
  • Seina- star.
  • Tamashini- soul.
  • Youko- sunshine.
  • Okemia- war horn.
  • Rai- thunder
  • Masami- beautifu.l
  • Reina- wise.

Gender-neutral Japanese name ideas.

  • Aki means crystal clear.
  • Jin- This unisex name means bright
  • Kazuto, the name of a Japanese guitarist.
  • Kyo means peach in Japanese.
  • Masa- straightforward.
  • Minori- beautiful harbor.
  • Mitsu The meaning of Mitsu is honey.
  • Seiko means truth in Japanese.
  • Sora means sky.
  • Yuuki means gentle hope.

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